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Ohio Specific Medical Cannabis Patient Guide.

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The Ohio Marijuana Patient Guide -- brings together Ohio Cannabis product information into a more uniform and focused platform.

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Marijuana screen shows a complete list of Ohio Marijuana Strains available in Ohio dispensaries. Tap the products button in the upper right corner to see the complete list of products processed with Ohio's Cannabis.

  • Ohio's Cannabis Flower & Cannabis Products
  • Group Flower by Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD, Tier 2
  • THC / CBD Levels
  • Terpenes
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Complete list of Marijuana Flower strains and products processed with the flower in the Ohio Marijuana Program.

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Check out all the growers and processors and see what products they offer specifically.

  • Level 1 & Level 2 Cultivators
  • Processors
  • Products by company
  • "Pesticide FREE" labeled

See the nearest store to your location first. See their daily menus

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